The pointless search for Consistency

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Mar 13 2014


Right, so in golf we all hear, all the time ” I’d need to be more consistent”

Well here’s the thing…. you already are 100% consistent! You might not be getting the results you’d like but that’s something else. Over the course of this week i am going to send daily newsletters sharing with you why you’re already consistent in a bid to help your golf game. let me explain.

Scenario no.1 ” I play great on the front 9, lousy on the back 9″.

Scenario no.2 “I can play great on one hole, then the next hole I’m rubbish”

Scenario no.3 ” I play great one week but then i come out the next and It’s a different game”!

Scenario no.4 ” from one shot to the next is so inconsistent

The above scenarios are actual words out of the mouths of members at Winter Hill GC. You might relate to some of them,

What ever plays out for you on a golf course is a direct result of what you believe and your physical skill-set. it’s not that your inconsistent Yep, that’s right. What ever you get out of a round of golf is a reflection of YOU and your golf game…. at that very moment :O)

So IMO, it’s not a question of becoming consistent, we can’t become what we already are. This is why the search for consistency has dragged on for so long and why so many people say it! For EVERYONE it’s a question of YOU learning more, developing more, and achieving more understanding&awareness on you and your physical skills and beliefs. THEN what plays out for you on the golf course will change.

OR you could go on believing and doing the same stuff and expecting different outcomes. But I think Einstein famously said something about that didn’t he……let me know how that goes for you.

The definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results…. Einstein

Love to hear your thoughts on this.

Gavin Clark


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