Solid contact with your iron shots

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Jul 08 2014

Winter is here and with it comes the softer ground. So its even more important to make solid contact with our iron shots.

I’d like to share with you some images that I hope will give you a slightly better understanding on what has to happen in order to develop solid contact. And no it doesnt involve keeping your head still or staying down on the shot. Although they probably do happen, but not by us tying to make them happen.


As you can see from the image above the golf club (almost) doesn’t strike the ground until after the golf ball. The golf club is very much swinging DOWN into the golf ball.


The above image again shows that the golf club is still traveling down after the golf ball.


You can see this image shows just how far in front of the golf ball the divot happens.

For any of these images to be put into action we MUST feel and experience what we are doing when we swing the golf club. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But if we are doing something that we don’t intend then we aren’t aware of what we are doing when we swing the club.

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