What can we learn from Jordan Spieth?

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Dec 09 2014

In the last two weeks, Jordan Spieth has recently won by 7 shots in Australia and then by 10 shots in the U.S. Impressive stuff.

What i’d like to share with you is how Jordan’s Spieth holds the golf club (pictured below). It’s not in any coaching manual, magazine, golf book and nor will you find it on a youtube clip.


Now lots of people will say “yeah but he’s the exception” ……..well it’s the exception were looking for. Do we really want more people being TOLD how to hold the golf club and then struggling to play the game. Believe me i see a lot of people holding the club the way they do because ” the pro told me to do it” and the culture of golf is one of TELL TELL TELL.

Here’s another PGA Tour Pro (picture below), Tommy Gainey. He’s won on the PGA Tour.


The reason they hold the club like this is THEY have discovered it through 1 – Awareness of the TASK and 2 – Awareness of how the golf club works. Can you imagine someone telling you how to hold a steering wheel, or a toothbrush etc. We know how to hold these examples i’ve given, because we know how they work. Most golfers i come into contact with don’t know how a golf club works. Their attention is taken away from the club and task because they’ve read or been told to keep their head down, or turn their hips or keep their left arm straight!!!

My hope is that you can explore a different/better way to hold the golf club that gives you more chance of delivering the golf club in the appropriate way given the task in front of you.


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