You can already do a better golf swing!!!

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Dec 11 2014

What do you mean Gavin…. I can already do a better golf swing, don’t talk ‘Coach speak’ you fool!!!

Well firstly please have a look at the below picture.It’s a Hockey player, yes i know. But it looks remarkably like a golf swing, don’t you think. IMO, I bet she didn’t have to read a book, or watch a youtube clip, read a magazine, have 3d analysis, have a coach tell her to get her right elbow tucked in or be bio-mechanically screened in order to achieve it.



So how has the hockey player created such a powerful and appropriate technique. The hockey player attained this swing by an awareness of a few critical factors, like;

1 – An awareness of her task, that being hit the ball to her target

2 – An awareness of how the hockey stick works,

When these critical factors are at the front of our minds we are able to draw out our authentic golf swing, ONE THAT WE CAN ALREADY DO!!! It isn’t attained by being TOLD what to do. This hockey player didn’t develop a swing like that by being told.

So get out on the golf course and explore playing golf more instinctively, try viewing golf as Target-Club-hit. See what comes up, and let me know how it goes :O)



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