Not having time to practice

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Jan 02 2015

I wanted to share with you a passage from an email that was sent from a person who has been having lessons with me this year. The reason i want to share it with you is that the content of the passage below touches on a subject i know people have talked about when having lessons.

The best thing Gavin, is that I’ve realised I’m not having lessons to fix anything, but to learn and understand more, and because of this my golf has improved more than i could imagine”.

I understand that some people want a quick fix. Well this doesn’t exist as nothing is broken. You need to learn and understand more and grow your awareness. I know its hard to see that nothing is broken when you can see that your shots aren’t very good. I would say that it’s a question of ‘seeing’ that the way you go about golf isn’t giving you the results you’d like as often as you’d like.

Now this lady has a lesson per month, not everybody wants to do this or can do this. I get that. But i also wanted to share that she learns from MOST shots she hits, irrespective of what environment she is in. Wouldn’t we all want that???? I hear A LOT that we don’t have time to practice and i empathise, but I know FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, that we can learn and change from any shot we hit, irrespective of where we are!!!!!



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