Appropriate length golf courses

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Feb 12 2015

What is an appropriate length golf course? It’s a shortened course that’s appropriate to the juniors individual capabilities.

Each hole is either a par 3,4 or 5.

A par 3 should be reached in 1 shot. So the junior hits their shot from a point on the hole where they CAN reach in one with an iron.

Example – I saw a junior playing with her Grandma and she teed of the the 1st hole from red tee markers. She topped her first shot and took and other 5 shots to reach the bunker. All with the same club and her Grandma carrying her clubs for her. This isn’t golf, I’ve never seen her since as she didn’t enjoy the experience. I know as i saw them afterwards and i have since spoken to her parents.

Playing an appropriate length course – Juniors play from the red tees when they can reach the green in regulation from them. This allows for quicker rounds of golf, less shots to be taken, decisions to be made on club selection, their choice of where they hit from.

I’ve talked about this for juniors but i also believe it should apply to adults too.

Have a go and see what you and your son or daughter think.

Gavin Clark


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