GUARANTEED to hit the golf ball straight

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Feb 12 2015

A gentleman was having a lesson the other day and he was talking about what happens with his golf game. His quote to me was;

” well my golf ball goes either left, right or straight, which is quite annoying”. I think we all empathise with him.

I asked him if he’d like to know why this was. Of course his answer was “I’d love to know Gavin”. Who wouldn’t want to know that why when we play golf does our golf ball go offline too often. My answer was this;

“Your golf ball goes off line a lot because what you believe to be important is, but they aren’t the MOST important things. Trying to keep your head still, or swinging slow, or trying to get your following through correct, or trying to keep your eye on the ball, or trying to get your right elbow tucked in and all that other stuff that golfers apply isn’t ultimately what will send the golf ball straight”. Now all these classic golfing ‘tips’ are important, they can and do happen but if you really want to hit the ball straight FOREVER then read the facts no.1 & 2 below and start the change in your game. This is GUARANTEED.



To hit the golf ball straight the golf club, through impact HAS to do the following that’s correlate to the task;

1 – Hit the golf ball out the middle of the club face.

2 – Your swing path and clubface alignment have to be married

I think that will do for now. Do you notice i haven’t mentioned the body and what it should do? It is important of course, but get the club moving in the right way that’s correlate to the task and your body will do all those things that i mentioned earlier. I promise.

Get in touch for a lesson and change your golf. Or keep doing the same thing. Either way :O)

Gavin Clark




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