Playing golf with children

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Feb 12 2015

I’ve included some stuff below that, IMO, is important to be aware of and apply when playing golf with children.

1 – Tee off from and appropriate tee position relative to their capabilities

2 – Offer help ONLY when they ask for it. “Why do i keep doing that” isn’t them reaching out for help, it’s an exclamation. You might like people telling you what your doing wrong in your golf swing, or you might hate it. Either way, it doesn’t mean you should be telling the child to keep their head down or keep their eye on the ball, or any of that other rubbish that is spouted by golfers. The culture of telling, not just in golf is a big problem.

3 – Be the golfer you want your child to be. This can ask some serious questions about ourselves. I’ve known adults break clubs when out playing with their child, and guess what the child was doing in the next session with me!

4 – The child can carry their own bag. if they can’t then the clubs are too heavy, or there are too many clubs in the bag or too many golf balls (the record is 31 golf balls in a juniors bag, seriously).

5 – Give them a time limit to play the hole. About x9 mins is more than enough time to play a hole in a relaxed way. Once the 9mins is up they pick the ball up and move to the next hole.

These are my beliefs at the point of writing this. They will change in time. I don’t always apply them.That depends on the junior/s in question. They are not generic and don’t apply to every child.



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