Biomechanics in golf

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Feb 24 2015

“I’ve no idea what biomechanics are” Butch harmon

The above quote is from from Butch Harmon on Tiger Woods and biomechanics.

Biomechanics in golf has been around for years, particularly so in the last 20 years. Biomechanics is a technical word for how our body works when doing a task. It’s everywhere and in every sport. None more so than golf.

I cannot begin to say how important biomechanics are as they are a brilliant thing. They prevent injury, improve performance and much more.

Rory Mcilroy hits the golf ball so far partly to do with how efficiently his body works biomechanically in his golf swing. But why? Read on :O)


In golf, IMO, mainstream golf coaching goes about applying it in a bit of a backwards manner. Think of it this way….

We’ve all seen people who have very awkward and un-natural looking golf swings. In fact we’ve all probably experienced golf swings that feel restricted and awkward. Here’s the amazing part. put a different tool in their hands, like a hockey stick, a tennis racket or a baseball bat and the moves that are evoked have more flow, more rhythm, are more effortless and are very much an instinctive action. An action we can already do, almost without trying to get our body to move in a specific way. It just kind of happens. It doesn’t require a Pro to tell us how to do it!!! Did a coach tell us how to move our body when we played and used a hockey stick or a baseball bat? NO!

I don’t think that the hockey player below is trying to get her right elbow tucked in. Yet she has achieved it, it happened because she is aware of 2 things;

1 – Her task. This being hit the ball to a target

2 – She knows how the hockey stick works


The culture of golf is one of concepts, techniques and fads that shackle our ability to move freely . They aren’t as common in hockey or baseball so the moves and swings we see are far more flowing. The culture of golf shackles our innate and instinctive capabilities.

Gavin Clark


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