“It’s just a matter of doing it , Gav”

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Feb 26 2015

“Golf is the most over analysed and under learned sport”.

I sent a newsletter the other day with an article entitled ‘striking the golf ball first’. A member in the bar said to me ” i got your newsletter, Gav it’s just a question of doing it”

I couldn’t agree with him more. So i wanted to share this with you on the subject of DOING IT and IMO what the role of a golf coach is.

.A comparison, learning to ride a bike;

Lesson on bike riding – You’ll be told technical information like how to bend your knees, how to bend your elbows, what angle your wrists should be at and so on. When you fall off it will be the expert who TELLS you exactly what you did wrong with out ever asking your thoughts on the matter, after all they need to justify their fee your paying them. Then we’ll video you falling off so that you can see what your doing wrong, but don’t worry as you”ll be told what to do right and what to change. Then you’ll go back, try to change it but never actually will as you’ve haven’t experienced anything yet. The good news though is that you can tell people ” Well i know what to do as I’ve been told in a lesson”. Then you go away and ride your bike on your own, fall off and not know how to correct this as you shouldn’t fall off as it’s wrong.

Sounds absurd doesn’t it? Yet this is how a golf lesson looks. sounds and often unfolds. Are you wondering why most people who play golf find it frustrating, elusive? Well hopefully the above might shed some light on the matter. It might not of course, you might think I’m talking absolute bulls##t and good for you for not taking an opinion ‘as gospel’ from someone who’s in the industry. We need more people to question everything.



Do you want to get better at moving a golf club correlate to a given task? Great, then get in touch with me. It’s a life long journey where we get better as we go along. Not one where we go round in circles.


“It’s just a question of doing it Gav” How do we do this? By feel and experiencing what we are doing. The sooner we can do this and the more we can do it the better we get.

Gavin Clark


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