Dustin Johsnon’s golf game

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Mar 09 2015

Lots to be admired about PGA tour winner, Dustin Johnson’s golf game. The picture below is the top of his back swing. The club face which you can just see is in what’s called a closed position and pointing to the sky, yet Dustin Johnson remains able to hit any shot the task demands of him, and his favoured shot is a fade. IMO the golfers who hit fades the best do so with a slightly closed club face. Now the classic comment we hear from pundits&commentators is ” well you wouldn’t teach this position ” . Dustin Johnson has self discovered and owns his swings and golf game. Thank fully a coach hasn’t interfered with his action and D.Johnson has been able to remain authentic. HE has experimented and explored ways he can move the club best, relative to the task.


So how does this apply to us? Well how about you get out and play golf doing it your way, not the way some Pro, or commentators or books way of playing golf. If you’ve read my previous blogs about critical factors then you’ll be able to access some freedom rarely found whilst playing golf.

Or come along and have a lesson with me. I can draw out your golf game, as opposed to filling you up with MORE of the same golf information.


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