Your new golf game

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Mar 09 2015


How was your game this weekend? Good, bad or did the same old issues come up AGAIN? Did the same slice happen right when you didn’t want it to. Did you thin/fat another chip shot right when you had a chance to make a birdie or par?

Wouldn’t it be great to change that one part of your game that has always comes back to haunt you? How good would it be to play with your mates and for them too see what a difference there is in your golf game and how much better you are. Imagine their faces.

Wouldn’t it be great to come of a golf course and to have hit your iron shots solid, and not fat…. AGAIN.

Imagine hitting your drives longer and straighter than ever before. That would be a great feeling to come of the golf course to. It would make a change, hey?

Chip it closer, hole more putts.

Whatever it is you’d like to change come along and seem me for a lesson. I guarantee i can help you change your golf game…. FOREVER. If I don’t you can have your money back. No hard feelings from me at all.

“yep my drives are more in play, thank you Gavin, they’re so much better after just one lesson” WHGC member

” i wish id spent the money on lessons and not buying so much equipment” WHGC member

To book a lesson or to find out more, contact me on 07789 766 872 or email on


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