What to do with a bad golf shot

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Mar 16 2015

We all hit bad shots don’t we.

Now, the subject of learning fascinates me. It’s probably the one area that i look at all the time that’s helped my coaching and golf game. If we can imagine pure and brilliant learning is in one direction then, unfortunately mainstream golf coaching is the other. This is partly why the game of golf is so elusive and frustrating for people because the way in which it’s attempted to be taught (and not learnt). I hold my hands up here as I was guilty of this too.

When i was younger i was going to be a footballer. Gradually I got more into golf only to find that it was very different to football. I found that when I practised golf i often got worse and it didn’t help. Yet when i played/trained at football the more i did it the more I learnt something new and got better, never worse.

So what if WHEN we hit a bad golf shot ( a bad golf shot is one where the golf ball doesn’t go where we want it) we could learn from it and get better. Becuase, this has been available to us all the time yet due to a mass of information that is the Culture of golf, its made it more tricky to learn from what we do. After all, throughout our own lives, maybe in different contexts we have done this, probably without realising.This is how brilliant we are at learning and problem solving.

So here it is. How to learn from any shot we hit. You ready?

1 – Have a lesson with me and start to filter away all the un-necessary stuff. This in itself will help you improve. 2 – In the lesson you’ll start to understand the critical factors that actually influence a golf ball.

You didn’t think I was going to add to the barrage of information already out there in the world of golf did you? There’s enough of that to ‘out there’ to keep you going ’til the day you finish playing the game. I reckon golfers would do well to ignore the information, not easy i know.

Please do your self a favour and watch this video.


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