Adopting the correct set up

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Mar 17 2015

There is no shortage of articles about the subject of the set up when playing golf. Grip, stance, ball position, posture, club face alignment and body alignment are all points we hear about over and over again. Quite right too, as they are really important when it comes to making an appropriate set up and swing for the task.

Which brings us nicely onto how we get out set up correct. Before we go any further i want you to know that there isn’t one set up, as all shots in golf are different so each set up is going to change slightly. So, in a bid to help you out with you adopt a more appropriate set up, I want you to look at the below picture of an Axeman.



Now firstly the Axeman has a set up position. Imagine for a second what book or magazine the Axeman read in order to get his set up correct (that’s right, he didn’t as that would be ridiculous)?Q – Who told him to put his feet in that position? Who told him to have his feet that far apart? Who told him to hold the axe that way? Who told him to stand sideways to the tree? Has he subscribed to ‘axe cutting monthly’ to get tips and advice on his cutting technique? I don’t think so.

So how has this person developed such an appropriate set up with no help, no magazine subscriptions and no one telling him ” ya moving ya head”?

The answer, IMO, is because he is aware of the the below points;

1 – The task – of cutting down the tree down

2 – The tool – i.e. how the axe works.

The appropriate set up can be produced through our awareness and attention being brought to the above two points, plus with our innate skills we have inherited over thousands of years of evolution, our bodies can get into a position that requires very little conscious effort.

The great news is this applies to golf too. If we are aware of the task and we know how a golf club works then the game can become far more simple and enjoyable.

Let me know how you get on


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