Better golf in 10 minutes

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Mar 19 2015


I see it all the time in golf lessons I share with people. They will come for a lesson and once there attention is drawn to what it is I’m going to share with you below, RAPID improvement is experienced. Its great for both parties.

Question 1 – What is your golf ball doing? Is it slicing, hooking, topped along the ground, pulled pushed. or maybe like most people a bit of all of these?

Answer – Using our golf ball as a source of feedback is what we golf coaches do. Golf coaches have a very good idea about how a golf club and a golf ball react with each other at impact. Yes we look at your golf swings, but also the fact that the golf ball NEVER lies is very helpful. It does what the club tells it to do. This might not be the outcome we want or as frequent as we’d like but none the less.


Becoming aware of outcome patterns is important too, trust me they are there. For example one person was having a putting lesson and we had been through 5 holes, putting on every green. Now I noticed that their golf ball, 75% of the time missed to the left and was short of the hole. The golfer didn’t ( it doesn’t mater why, i’ll save that for another blog). When we aren’t aware of what we don’t know or see then improvement doesn’t happen and can seem a very distant achievement. This is why i’d recommend you having a lesson with me as i can help you in 10 minutes on what is actually happening and what is really important. If your going to spend time and money on your golf i want you to be putting your efforts into areas that will actually make a change to your golf….. FOREVER

I’ve been putting myself, whilst playing a competition too and i’ve noticed the golf ball starting on a different line to what intended. Because of my knowledge on golf club and golf ball relationship I have been able to instantly change my outcomes and successes.

For the rest of our lives, if we can raise our awareness on impact factors, impact factors are what the golf ball is doing at impact to make the golf ball fly like it does. and understand these better, I know you will become a better golfer. In 10 minutes!

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