Why do i hit the golf ball better at the Range?

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Mar 30 2015

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I think we have all done this. Had a round of golf where we hit the golf ball terribly, then gone to the Driving Range to sort it out, only to hit a precession of good shots with hardly any miss-hits. Turns out we haven’t lost it! So we go off into the sunset happy as we are hitting the golf well again. But without actually identifying and understanding the source of this miracle.

So why do so frequently find that people hit the golf better at the range than the golf course? I think there are lots of answers to this but I’ve given a couple below.

1 – A golfer told me the other day ” when i’m here on the range Gavin, i’m much calmer and quieter and I hit the golf ball better”. Sound familiar? I think this is the main reason too. On the golf course we have, at times,, an abundance of thoughts and thinking in our head. Where as on the Range there’s an absence of thought. Nothing to do with our location of course. We’ve all experienced games of golf where we we’ve played brilliantly and it was almost as if we hadn’t tried, it just happened. This is playing with less thinking and consequently our skill-set plays out. On the flip side when we are playing badly we try too hard and then try even harder to ‘fix it’ and often get worse. Like the tyres wheel-spinning in mud, once the tyres stop the car has a chance of getting out. The same goes for us and our golf games.

2 – A lack of understanding about our own golf game. If anyone is to succeed in their golf then an understanding on golf club laws and ball flight laws will help. I often check for peoples understanding on a shot and ask ” why did the golf ball do what it did”? Often they will go off on tangent and not answer the question, but most of the time people don’t know and it’s these blanks that are vital to fill in.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this


Gavin Clark



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