One of the reasons why people get BETTER at golf

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Sep 03 2015


The world we live in and the way in which we live our lives doesn’t lend itself to improving our golf games. As a result we see millions of golfers getting no better, hitting the same bad shots and generally getting very frustrated at their shots.

So here is a really obvious but effective way of approaching golf in which I and the people that come along to have lessons with me have changed their games FOREVER!!

Every golf shot we hit is a chance, at times, to learn and improve our golf games. Now if our attention and awareness is on the critical factors that actually influence hitting a golf ball straight then we have a chance. Alas, what gets our attention isn’t on what’s going to influence the golf ball’s direction. For example trying to keep your head still, one we’ve all heard and tried, isn’t going to help. It might magicly on a few shots but really all you get good at is keeping your head still!! If you want to hit the golf ball straight then try to apply these critical factors;

1 – Hit the centre of the club face

2 – The club face angle needs to be square to the target line

3 – The swing path needs to be married with the face angle


From here can you imagine using the outcome/result of your golf ball as a source of feedback instead of getting annoyed and thinking ” here we go again”. Actually reflecting and becoming aware of what just happened. it might not be what you wanted but the sooner we can understand what did happen to the critical factors when we swung the club the better.


-The golf ball does what it’s told to do

-The club face tells the golf ball what to do

-If the golf ball isn’t doing what we want it to do then WE need to tell the club face something different.




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