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Nov 10 2015

Are you a member of Winter Hill Golf Club/Golfer?

Do you want to play better golf?


Do you want to stop hitting iron shots fat, and develop a more solid contact? Do you want to hit it further? Do you wan tto be more consistent? Do you want to hit a soft draw when you want to?

Are you bored of the same old tips and techniques that are talked about and given, yet they never seem to help anyone play better golf! people keep on saying them don’t they!

Do you REALLY want to change your golf game…… FOREVER?

Great then i want to hear from you. Tell me about what it is that eats away at your golf game and keeps surfacing. That facet of your game that you want go away. Wouldn’t that be great to eradicate that from your game?

Simply get in touch via this email – , and tell me about your golf and what it is you want to change. It’s that simple :O)


I look forward to hearing from you

Gavin Clark, PGA Member , Coaching professional.


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