I’m new to golf and I want to play

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Jan 05 2016

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GREAT, you want to play golf. I want to give you the best and most appropriate experience possible. The I WANT TO PLAY GOLF sessions are set up to;

* Give you a taste of golf

* Make new friends or play with your existing friends

*Develop new skills

*Get better at golf

*Learn in a group by playing on the golf course

*learn at your own speed and pace

*Join the golf club on a membership scheme that suits you and erase all the myth and stigma’s golf club have

On Tuesday 2nd February from 10am-11am, i am running a I WANT TO PLAY GOLF x6 week course.

To sign up please get in touch with me via

email – golfpro@gavclark.com

mobile 07789 766 872


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