Junior golf lessons with me, Gavin Clark

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Apr 05 2016

“Keep your head still”

“Swing slow”

“Keep you eye on the ball”

“Keep you left arm straight…………………..”

Sound familiar????????

IF we are all honest these are all instructions WE’VE personally given to our children when out on the golf course. Usually by Dad’s as it’s invariably (not always) us that get out to play golf.

I’m writing this as a Dad, but also as a Professional Golf Coach who knows, for a living, about how skill is developed.

This telling of information is given because i expect this is how we learned golf from our parents. The statements at the top of the page im sure, are something we’ve all heard and probably passed onto our children.

But what if i were to tell you that this TELLING of information was actually holding back our son or daughters physical and emotional development!!!!!!!!!!!

Well…….. it is!!!!!!

Can you believe that! We’ve been stumping our children’s growth!!!!

Every Junior golfer (17 & under) that is with me share a golfing experience. This might be a 1hr session, a 90 minute session or a 5 hr camp. Either way this is the deal between hte parents and I.

From this day on YOU (the golfing parents) are NEVER to give swing advice to your son or child. Your a Parent and this job is far more important than that of a Coach. Let me help your child develop skill, learn, take fewer shots round a golf course. Take a lesson yourself and see what it is we do. Or even better come out for the lessons I and your child share.


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