Practice in a way that will improve your golf

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Jun 21 2016

When you leave a Driving Range having performed well how often have you then gone on to a golf course and performed nothing like you did on the Range. We’ve all been there haven’t we?

Thing is we can fake learning, we can hit a succession of Drives or 7 irons and hit them well and it look like we are learning and getting better because the golf ball is going to the target time after time. But very little learning actually happens with this type of blocked or mass practice. What is happening isn’t transferable and it isn’t retained. But as we know this is what is commonly practiced among the 60 million gofers in the world.

Now don’t get me wrong there is a place for blocked/mass practice and many people have gotten something when they’ve done it. I’m not dismissing it at all. But what i see and hear among golfers is they hit it great on the range but it doesn’t show up on the golf course.

So learning a motor skill, like a golf swing/s requires more of what we do on the golf course A lot more. When we go the range and when we miss-hit a shot it is REALLY tempting to drag another golf ball over and hit it with the same club trying to hit it better. Evidence and my own experiences tells me that this doesn’t help you learn or get better at swinging a golf club.

So when we go to practice we have to be honest. It can be relaxing to hit a succession of balls in a row and perform well. It’s often a good experience. But know this…… probably wont help your performance on the golf course.

If however you go the range with the idea that your going to give yourself the best chance of performing better on the golf course tomorrow or next year, then practicing like you play on the golf course will give you a better indication of where you are with your golf. Especially if you find that you perform well when block practicing.

Hit a driver, then a high wedge, then a 9 iron, then a hybrid, then a 5 wood, then a driver and so on ( i think you get the picture) and all to different targets , different lies and slopes. Your probably now seeing why Driving ranges aren’t exactly helping as they are set up the opposite to this!

Now people might not like practicing this way much and this partly because people like to what their good at. I also get that it’s great to leave the range feeling good and that we’ve accomplished something (even though this is an illusion). The last golf ball did go better and i was performing better so i must be learning. Not so!

This is where i come in, i can change all that and help you play golf better on the golf course, IF that is what you want, with or without practice :O)

I can help your learning, your understanding and consequentially your performance on YOUR golf game.

Give me a call and come along and experience life long change in YOUR golf game.

mobile 07789 766 872

Gavin Clark, PGA member


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