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Jul 05 2016

Over the last 5 years, i have played the best golf i have ever experienced. The really exciting thing for me is that my best golf has been playing out in Competitions.

This wasn’t the case 5 years ago. Often i’d play awful in comps, i’d hate the experience. I remember being riddled with fear largely down to my overwhelming desire to do well that it manifested in me being terrified of hitting it off line. I’d end up shooting something like 84, but an 84 that felt awful and shackled and it was as if i was playing with the handbrake on. I remember one event where it rained so much before the event that when i got to the venue the tournament had been called off…… i was so relieved! I heard a podcast the other day that talked about an elite level footballer that was preying for the coach to break down on route to the stadium for a champions league final, such was his anxiety about the match. I empathized so much.

So with all of this happening to me i looked for answers. After a string of sources that did their best for me i was still left with a feeling of uncertainty about it all and I was playing in competitions with as much fear and anxiety as ever! Logic says well don’t don’t play in them then Gav, but i do want to play tournament golf, i want to win so much. So i got in touch with a guy called Andy Morrison via twitter. I’d seen his tweets and content he’d put out and thought i’d see what he was about.

5 years later here i am. Chats with Andy have helped me score better than ever in tournaments and i’ve experienced more moments of joy playing golf than ever before. Less fear, more understanding and ownership of me and my game.

Andy and I are running some sessions aimed at helping you to play your best golf more of the time. Sound good? The get in touch if you’d like to hear more. Dates below;


To book, text me on 07789 766 872

I really hope you can come along to this which promises to be a unique experience.

Gavin Clark



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