I want to play better golf

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Sep 13 2016

Thank you for clicking the link, you’ve come here because you want to play better golf more of the time.

I cannot tell you how happy i am that you want to improve and develop your golf game.

  • Who’s this for Gav? Well it’s for anyone who want to get better at golf. Reducing scores, playing better in medals, hitting a soft draw, hitting the golf ball farther, stop 3 putting, more solid contact on their iron shots….whatever it might be i can help you change your golf game, forever! Sound good? Great get in touch on the below contact details
  • Who’s this not for Gav? Well anyone who wants a quick fix. ” Gav i’ve got a medal at the weekend, i need 1/2 an hr with you, you’ll tell me what i’m doing wrong” . Which is fueling the fire even more.


Get in touch with me and share with me what it is that has plagued your golf game. What is it you’d like to change, i have some great deals for you on how we can change your golf game,

I look forward to hearing from you

mobile no 07789 766 872

email – golfpro@gavclark.com


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