What do you really want for your golf game?

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Nov 17 2016

Hello to you,

thank you for coming to this page. I would love to hear what you want from your golf game as i’d love to help you get it.

Several people have already done this, their goals have been anything from winning club championships to being able to swing a club in front of their collegue’s without being embarrassed.

It could be a better technique, to take shots off your handicap, hit the ball farther, develop a better short game….. whatever it is i want to hear about it.

If you think ” the Pro/Coach wont be interested in me” then this couldn’t be anything further from the truth. I am fascinated to hear about what you want for your golf game.

The first 2 people to get back to me will receive a 50% discount on a 6 hole game assessment with me!!! So get in touch,

I look forward to hearing about how i can help and guide you to attaining whatever it is you want for your golf game

email – golfpro@gavclark.com

mobile – 07789 766 872


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