Want to play better in medals and competitions?????

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Nov 21 2016

“Why are my scores so bad in medals, Gav?”

This is something i hear a lot.

A 3 hcp golfer said to me the other day, “ why is that i can score a couple over on one 9, then 5 under on the next 9″?

Now while we wont all shoot those numbers i think we can all relate to this scenario.

To answer the first question, it has nothing to do with a Medal. Remember, within the 4hrs (sometimes more) it takes to play a Medal round at some point there are shots we hit that are really good and it?s the easiest thing……..IN A MEDAL!!!!! where as other holes in the same Medal round we hit really bad shots, make poor decisons and everything feels really hard, and we rack up a huge score!! Wouldn’t you like to know why this is?

Here’ why – The world works from the inside-out, and how much clutter (thinking) we have in our heads at any time will govern how we perform. The 3 hcp golfer will have ‘let go’ of so mauch of his thinking, and the metaphorical hand-break will have been taken off allowing his physical skill-set to play out. On the front 9 he was more ‘revved up’ and had more clutter in his head than the back 9, but don’t fall for the illusion it has anything to do with the front or back 9. It starts with how much clarity we experience at any one point. And this is the ebb and flow of being human.

(Don’t get me wrong, technique and skill are other contributing factors to what makes up a round of golf. But we’ve all had good rounds given what we have)

So with this in mind i want to have work with golfers who want to see a better performance in Medals and start to understand how the metaphorical hand-break can be released before the first tee shot. If you can hit the ball it’s just that you ‘get stuck’ with a card in your hand then come along as i have just the thing for you. You’ll get results, score well in a medal and be experience that feeling of playing well when so many fall.

Or carry on scoring high in Medals, which is quite okay and down to you and you wont get any judgemental opinions off me at all. .

The first person to sign up receives a 50% discount on this offer

Gavin Clark

m 07789 766 872

email – golfpror@gavclark.com


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