Hit your driver an extra 20+ yards !!!!!

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Nov 28 2016

There are a couple of critical factors (amongst others) that we’ve all got to apply when hitting a driver as far as we can. I”ve shared them with you below. Let me know how you get on applying them and what comes up for you.

Hitting the middle of the club face and how high up;

This image below shows 3 shots, blue, green and orange. The blue circle shot traveled 35 yards further than the orange shot due the fact that it was hit higher up the face.This is the optimum location you should be trying to attain. One way to see where you hit on the golf ball is to mark your golf ball with a sharpie pen and have it face your driver at set up, it will then mark where you are hitting on the face and will give you some factual evidence to learn from.


Tee up and move it forward;

There’s a a reason the long driving champions hit the ball so far and one of them is that they tee it very high (image below) and hit up on the ball. I know they are million miles away from you and me and what we can do but the same critical factor apply to them as they do us.


Hit up through impact;

Aligned with a higher tee, the ideal delivery with a driver is an ascending blow. The angle of attack (shown below) needs to be up through impact. The majority of club golfers hit down and is partly a reason why the ball doesn’t go very high.



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