Your golf game is already 100% consistent!!!

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Dec 05 2016

I recently asked golfers what issue they’d like to see resolved in their golf game. Unsurprisingly consistency came up as the topic most golfers would like to see resolved in their golf game. Here’s my take on the myth around consistency at golf.



Often golfers are talking about consistency on their golf shots and subsequently their scores. Below are some stats from the best golfers in the world playing on the PGA Tour,

  • They miss 40% of greens,
  • They miss 50% of 8ft putts
  • They miss 40% of fairways
  • And they fail to get it up and down 40% of the time


In his prime Tiger Woods missed 7 greens per round. Do you reckon PGA tour players are consistent? Often “YES” is the answer.. well the truth is they are as consistent/inconsistent as you or I.

The above stats emphasis the realities of golf. So what now?

1 – Drastically lower your expectations, i played with a 16 hcp the other day and he hit the green in reg on a par 3 measuring 170yds and his comment was ” not very near the pin though” !!! On average he’d hit that green 1/10

2 – Don’t take advice from other golfers. I had a golfer come to me the other day for a lesson and they weren’t getting their 5 wood shots in the air…..they’d been to the range and told their left arm was too bent and to straighten it, this was from a club golfer who obviously had the best intentions and was trying to help of course. Instead of gettin their left arm to do something they changed what the club head did and they INSTANTLY changed their shots and got all their 5 wood shots in the air.

3 – Actually apply what will make the golf ball do what you need it to do. Do you know what these are? Most golfers don’t and need to say…. “Gavin, please help me learn them so i give myself the best chance to hit the shot i want”


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