A better set up to the ball

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May 09 2017

Setting up to the golf ball is critical as it supports us having the best chance to make the swing that the shot requires.

Something i see lots of golfers do is miss-alignment in their set up. They might be aiming left or right of the target and this can be for various reasons.

One reason that keeps cropping up is because they start by aiming their feet/knees/hips etc where they want their ball to go instead of being led by the club-face and where this has to go in order to tell the golf ball where to go. Think of it this way.


If i gave you a hammer to hit a nail in to a piece of wood we wouldn’t ever consciously position our feet first, instead we’d be driven by the hammer and how it’s got to move in order to drive the nail in straight. So the great news is our body reacts instinctively to our awareness being on the hammer and it’s application. Note – i use this comparison because they both require force to be aligned.

Now in golf it’s generally the opposite as we ‘re told where to put our feet, knees and hips and they have to be aligned, and it’s true there is a ideal set up that will be the most efficient. But if we’re governed by the tool first and it’s task then our bodies will be evoked into a set up that supports this. Juts like using a hammer and nail.

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