Golf in the real world

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May 09 2017

Two stats for you. Remember the below starts are date taken from the best players in the world (PGA Tour) and this is their average or best.

1 – From 100 yards in the fairway the tour average proximity to the hole is 17ft

2 – From between 180-200 yards the best on tour proximity to the hole is 31ft

Its’ been proved (with lots of data) that 90% of club golfers shots come up short. Yes you might achieve one of the above outcomes once or twice in a round and if you do give yourself a pat on the back-because that’s world-class….but sadly not your average.

To change this outcome, next time you go out play golf try ignoring the flag and take a club that will hit to the back middle portion of the green. Try it for x9 holes and see where it gets you. Golfers who’ve tried it have noticed a ‘spike’ in greens hit in regulation, getting closer to the hole and a reduction in shots.

Know how far you hit a club. Hit 20 shots with say an 8 iron, get rid of the best and worst two, the middle of the remaining group of golf balls is how far you hit that club. Note i said how far it goes and not how far you carry it. With golf courses getting very hard and bouncy knowing this is really important in applying a logical and helpful strategy.


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