Children concentrating.

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May 09 2017

In any given moment of any given session all children might require something. This might be time, variety, stimulation, excitement, knowledge or maybe understanding. In my own coaching i have been able to see the ever changing needs and requirements of the child in front of me more and more.

The funny thing is that to do this I’ve had to, largely, ignore the children (not in the sessions you understand) and understand myself better. But let’s not go there for now.

I’ve had some lovely chats with parents recently on the topic of concentration. Quite often in a golf lesson a parent will say to their child “concentrate” in a bid to get them to focus on what they are doing i suppose. Seemingly, in that moment the child has drifted off onto something else and invariably they have. We might then chat how they have noticed or found that they feel their child has a concentration issue.

I often then ask that when their child is on an i-pad or watching TV are they able to concentrate without drifting off? ” Yeah” is always the answer. So is it a concentration issue or, back to golf now, is what I’ve set up boring or maybe it doesn’t hold enough variety for them?

It’s these moments that i often think of myself in a similar position (maybe not golf) and if someone told me to concentrate when they’d noticed me drift off it might help in some instances. But in other instances I’d know that something needed to change or i was bored, but this is the joy of being a grown up and being able to do this.

So I apply the same theory to children in a golf lesson. Is what I’ve set up appropriate? Is it too hard/easy? Do they need to do something else? Do they need a nudge to come back to the shot they are facing? It goes on.

Sure there is neurological stuff that i have no idea about that contributes to one’s ability to concentrate. But a lot of the time i find there is other stuff that is important to see.



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