Motivation in children

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May 12 2017

Lovely interaction with a parent the other day. He mentioned about motivating his child to play golf.

A Coach plays a big role in this.

There are room for two types of motivation 1- Intrinsic and 2 – Extrinsic

Intrinsic motivation would look something like a child playing golf and getting better at it. They are learning about the shot in front of them, how to set up and ultimately how to move the golf club in a way that would tell the golf ball what its got to do. The child them self sees they are getting better and they can experience improvement. The great thing with this is that it doesn’t often require an adult to say anything, like for example “well done that was great” . I often find in these scenarios the child might look at me or their Parent and a smile says it all

Watching the children who keep playing golf all share the fact they can start to ht good shots. It plays a huge role towards a child wanting to come back and have another go.

I use coloured wristbands in the same way martial arts use belts. I would say this is an extrinsic motivation. The children earn their next coloured wristband by achieving their own individual targets. It feels good when they earn them and there is a sense of achievement but what will stick with them forever is the development and skill they have acquired.

So what do I do in the sessions with the children? Well the go a bit lie this……what can we learn, what can we explore, what can we change, what can we do differently, what can we explore all in a bid to get better at our golf games. That yummy feeling of ” i can do this and i am getting better” is what we love the most and children are no different.


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