I know what I’m doing wrong, I just can’t stop doing it”

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Jun 02 2017

I think in every round of golf that’s ever been played we have all made a swing that was nothing like what we wanted to do, or meant to do. Some people have far more swin s like this than successful attempts.

So why is it that we would make a swing that is never going successfully carry out the shot in front of us??

Well it all comes down to how much control, we have of our swing. This is, i believe, one of the areas that golfers the world over are let down on. We’re certainly not short of information in the golfing world and not many people are getting better with more and more info. An area that will help us is building awareness in our swing of our club and body.

It’s been proven that to learn a motor skill ( like golf swings ) we have a 30% better chance of this if our attention is external , i.e on the golf club and not on what our body is doing . I had a lesson yesterday who’s swing thought was to get his left shoulder under his chin and he did this perfectly plus i videod him so he could see it…. but the ball went 45 degrees to the right of target!!!

This golfers awareness was on something but i believe if our attention is going to be on something it might as well be on what is actually going to make the golf ball go straight. Thes being impact factors, more on that here – http://www.gavclark.com/2015/02/12/i-promise-this-will-help-your-golf-o/


Are you interested in making the golf swing you want more of the time? Great get in touch as you are exactly the type of person I’d like to support.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gavin Clark – 07789 766 872



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