How this golfer had confidence come to them

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Jun 26 2017

” yeah I’m not very confident at these shots Gavin”

Is something i hear everyday in lessons when golfers talk about a certain golf shot .

Firstly we need to differ between the feeling of confidence and our physical skill-set ;

1 – The feeling of confidence comes and goes and is a by-product of a clear mind

2 – Our physical golf skill-set is what it is, and will either get better or we stand still with it.

Our confidence isn’t linked to what we are doing!! The golfer started to see this.

This blog is entitled – ‘how confidence came to them’ because that’s exactly what happened…..the feeling of confidence came to the golfer, they found themselves feeling more confident. Now it just so happened they then thinned, fatted and double hit their next 3 chip shots…. we then worked on technique and they changed how they go about a swing for a chip shot with some great results.

Rest assured the feeling of confidence also went too in the same way it came to them. That’s how we, humans, work by design. Ebb and flow

So instead of chasing the pipe-dream of feeling confident on every the shots all the time why not get a really good technique and hit a good shot irrespective of how confident you do or don’t feel.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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