“My chip shots always come up short…..”

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Jun 27 2017

Several golfers recently have shared with me in a lesson that their chip shots come up short, too often.

As the lesson goes along the person starts to share with me that (and this is the bit comes up frequently) they they ……. “don’t want to hit long” so consequently the action that is evoked is a swing without enough power for the given shot!

So what do we do now????? Simple, it’s here that I’d ask the lesson to “show me a swing that will hit the ball up to the flag”. They have a few rehearsals and … ” yeah i reckon that will do it” . They have a go and see what the golf ball feeds back to them.

Being aware of the shot sounds so simple and obvious yet it’s amazing how often we aren’t. If we are aware of the shot in front of us we give ourselves a really good chance to make the swing that is correlate to that shot.

Now some golfers don’t know what swing will achieve the shot even when they can see it, and this is perfectly normal too. From here it’s beneficial for them to start to experiment with some swings and shots to see what it does to the golf ball in relation to the flag.

Curious? Great then i’d love you to get in touch and explore your golf game more.

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