What is that one shot that you can’t get rid of?

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Sep 04 2017

We al have that one shot that we always hit and we don’t want to……

A shank, a slice, a top, a thin a 3 putt from close range, missing short putts, taking 3 to get out of bunkers. We know the sort of stuff.


Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of that shot? To fully understand why it happens but better still-to be able to make the swing you know you want to do.

A golfer in a lesson yesterday said ” why do i make this swing that hits behind the ball, i don’t want to do that yet it happens all the time?” Sounds familiar hey.

Get in touch and share with me the shot that really frustrates you and that you’d love to see eradicated from your game.

Gavin Clark


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