What can i do to help my child with their golf?

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Sep 19 2017

What i have written below, i want you to know we are all in this together. I am a parent too and i don’t want anyone to think i put myself up on some pedestal, i have all the same findings and battles myself. I am fascinated in golf and the coaching of it and how i contribute towards giving a child the best experience at golf so that they want to come back again and again. It’s a subject i am really curious about.

We want the children to want to come back to golf week after week, to tap into their innate learning capabilities, develop their problem solving skills and to develop more ownership and control of their swings/skills and their golf games.

I wanted to share a few really helpful pointers that the children really appreciate and also facilitates the above .


1 – The child’s experience and well-being is coming from within them and never from what they are doing

2 – Don’t give swing ‘advice’

3 – Have a clear idea as to what your child is doing at golf and what they have been learning and developing. Big onus on me here to share with you what we are doing :O)

4 – Only offer help if asked. Before you set out say to your child “ you play your game and i’ll play mine, if you want help ask me but other than that i wont say anything” . Tough one this i know but believe me your child will REALLY appreciate it and they will have a stronger chance of getting better quicker.

5 – Don’t give swing ‘advice’

6 – I encourage you to ask what shot they are playing.

7 – Don’t give swing advice…. have i said this already? Head still, eye on the ball, stay down, swing slow…. yeah forget all of those well intended offerings. This goes for your golf game and your child’s as we certainly don’t want them experiencing golf as we find it so let’s not go about it in the same way.

I want you to know you are the most powerful person in your child’s life, if i can help you in someway then great. By the same token if there is anything you feel i would benefit from knowing about your son/daughter then let me know too.

Take what’s useful and discard the rest,

Gavin Clark


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