Change what happens on the golf course

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Oct 03 2017


If you’d like to change what plays out for you on the golf course then great – i’d love to hear from you as i can help you with your golf game

If you’re thinking that i’d love to change what i find happens to me on the golf course but i’m not too sure Gavin cares or is interested in my golf game – then i’d love to hear from you as i can help you with your golf game.

If you’re thinking ” oh another Pro telling me he can help me with my golf game” then i completely understand and close this article right now because you’re right there are loads of ’em.

If you’re thinking yeah i’ll give Gav a go, lets see what he can do for me then great – id love for you to get in touch

In the mean time while you mull over the idea of changing what happens for you on the olf course here is a bit of FREE help for you :O)

Every week in at least one golf lesson a golfer will do the following, and i include single figure golfers in this too;

1 – Let’s say the golfer has 136 yards to the middle of the green. They’ll chose their club and 90% of the time it will come up short of the flag or the green.


Go with the facts – This is partly due the fact the golfers select a club based on the very few occasions they actually hit the club that distance. They take this as the average when its actually the exception. Golfers should hit 20 golf balls with a 8 iron say, discard the best and worst 3, then take an average. As a result golfers don’t take enough club, they will swing hard and fast in an effort to achieve that 1 in 10 shot, and we all know that we don’t hit good shots when we try to ‘murder it’. But what is helpful here is knowing why we sometimes try to hit it so hard. I’ve seen golfers take 2 clubs more (7 iron instead of a 9 iron) and are then able to swing slower giving themselves a better chance to do the swing they want as it’s at a more manageable speed. I refer to this as their awareness speed swing.


4 – I’ve taken golfers out onto the golf course and played a game where they calculate the yardage to the back of the green and hit a club to that number. Using the picture above you maybe able to see the flag in the middle of the green, ignore this and hit a club that will hit it to the smaller circle. Now what golfers find is they come up short of that smaller circle and are a closer proximity to the flag. They always hit more greens and put less stress on their chipping and pitching, have more putts for birdies and pars, score more points

5 – When i watch golf on TV i seemed to notice that Jason Day, the Australian golfer, holed more 40-50 ft putts than anyone else. Guess what? he did and i found out the reason was that he hit for the middle of the green more than most, he didn’t take on tight pins, didn’t short side himself and got really good at lag putting. He worked out that the percentage shot was to go for the middle of the green and not the flag. I then heard an interview with Jason day and how Tiger Woods had been helping him, Day said that one of the reasons cited by Tiger Woods behind his dominance was that by Woods’ own admission ” he was awesome at lag putting”.


Now all of the above obviously has other important factors to take into account, don’t think that if you apply the above it’ll simply reduce your scores. It’s not that straight forward. But it is really important and can make a quick change in your game.

I look forward to hearing from you

Gavin Clark

07789 766 872


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