This adds 20 + yards to golfers shots

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Oct 05 2017

I am now going to add to the list of articles on how to hold the golf club in your left hand. Reason being is i see inappropriate ways of holding the club that not only wears out your golf glove really fast, but more importantly stops golfers from giving themselves the best chance to make the best and most effective swing possible.

The main issue is that when (right handed) golfers place the handle in their left hand it is like the below image. The handle sits too high up in the palm and it’s almost running down the palm instead of across the palm;

wrong grip

Really easy for me or anyone to tell someone this isn’t the most appropriate way to hold the club, in fact TELLING is partly why lots of gofers hold the club incorrectly in the first place.

Yet here i am carrying on with more information and showing you the correct placement through the left hand. Image below;

right grip

See how the handle sits more across the palm, and sits underneath the flesh/paddy bit of our left hand. This will enable the left hand, wrist and arm to move effectively in the swing.

So with this info we can go the Range/GC and try this different way of holding the club and most likely hit it worse than before because in the words of many ” oh that feels awful, i cant even put my hand on it that way let along hit a golf ball as well “.

So we have two options

1 – Go with what’s comfortable and carry on hitting that weak slice slap shot you have in your repertoire

2 – Change the way we currently go about this and hit it better. Is it an instant change – No. Maybe it will be. But if we can go about our golf games with a view to experimenting, exploring and seeing what we can learn and self-discover based on the critical factors then golf can be like the other activities we have in our lives. Remember nothing is broken and nothing needs fixing in your golf swing. What does need to happen is that you need letting go of the golf swing content beliefs that you apply or believe to be important and start learning about what is actually going to change your swing and ball flight.

I empathize with you here, there is so much content in the world of golf that the good stuff gets covered up. By people like me. There’s over 10,000 books written on the golf swing and they haven’t really helped anybodies golf game and not that many people are improving and nor is their hcp coming down. but there is anther better way.


My job, partly, is to help you stay on track with what is actually important when it comes to hitting a golf shot, and every shot is different remember. Don’t panic you don’t have to learn and infinite amount of swings. With a better core-knowledge on how a golf club actually works then we can approach a new shot and armed with this core-knowledge we have a really good chance of executing that shot.

Playing golf in a way that doesn’t require 8 swing thoughts at a time would be great right? Obviously, it goes with out saying.


Imagine playin go,f and each time you go to the course it’s pretty much the same game with the same game with the same basic questions


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