Why you’re not very good at golf….. and what you can do about it

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Oct 12 2017

Bit of a harsh title isn’t it…. sorry!

But i thought id share with you the backward nature that golf is attempted to be played and how, maybe, you can go about doing it in a way that’s more aligned with how we have done other motor skills in our life.

This is how golf is played and taught – Imagine i gave you a pair of scissors and a piece of paper. The task was to cut along the line on the paper with the scissors. Now imagine paying no attention to the task or the scissors what so ever but instead ensuring your wrist angle is maintained, your grip pressure is light and your knee remains flexed/un-flexed. I know it’s ridiculous right? But i get it as this is what the masses do. I’d know as i used to play and coach this way, and whilst i was busy coaching-my own golf game was so bad that it dawned on me if I haven’t learned to do this myself so how could i even start to ‘help’ others. Happy to say today is a very different story.


So what is a more natural way to play golf – Well lets have a look at the same paper and scissor task and how it is so seemingly simple compared to this ridiculously hard game of golf we play. We are aware of the task (cut along the line) and we know how a pair of scissor work and this awareness allows us to find our way of holding the scissors, a way to hold the paper, how to stand, how to move our hands, how far away to hold the paper and scissors. it goes on and on.


I gave some golfers the other day a hockey stick and ball and told them to hit the ball to the flag. The hockey swings that were evoked were so much better than their golf swings . Their golf swings were awkward, had no power, or was a swing they were copying, or they were moving it in a way they had been told to do so.

The hockey swings were more simple – 1 – where is the target, 2 -Give me the stick and 3- whack it towards the target.

The golfers were really surprised when i showed them the clips of their two swings compared to each other.

The funny thing is that some of the golfers who watched their hockey swings and liked what they saw then tried to copy that into their golf swing. This is fueling the fire and is a innocent miss-understanding as to how the hockey swings were so good and appropriate. I say appropriate as the swing has to be correlate with the shot in front of us.

The hockey swings were partly so much better because they had dropped all of their habits and tendencies that they apply to their golf game and it’s almost like they had been un-plugged from golf, which for most of us is a good thing.


The golfers were then pointed back towards how the hockey swings were evoked. That is the magic word here – EVOKED. Nobody told them how to do it. Juts like the scissors and papers task, they knew the task – hit it towards the flag and they knew how the hockey stick worked. This was enough to start them off and what they saw was almost the golf swing they dream of ” that’s almost what the pro’s look like on TV” said on of the golfers.

I know there is lots more to this ad this is a snippet of what is important when it comes to motor skill learning.

If you’re disappointed that i haven’t given you the latest tip or secret – well i’m not sorry as that would be adding to what is make this game really hard for all of us ……. and that is MORE INFORMATION. Believe me i know as i’ve been there.

Fancy making golf simple. The get in touch for a lesson,

Gavin Clark – 07789 766 872


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