” I cant play that shot I’ve got no confidence “

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Oct 16 2017

Split the title of this article into two bits.

1 – I can’t play that shot = bad technique and lack of skill

2 – I’ve got no confidence = being human

Quotes i hear every day when at golf;

“It’s a confidence thing isn’t it, if i feel confident i putt well, putting is mainly a confidence thing ”


” He’s playing well because he is so confident “

” I’m not very confident at these shots”

” I started well so and my confidence grew and grew “


The comments above are all ones we’ve heard and used about ones self, our playing partners or even the golfers we see on TV. Truth is the above quotes are a innocent miss-understanding on where our experience is coming from. Whilst we all experience high and low confidence levels they are not linked to the shot over the bunker off a bare lie, although it looks that way i know.

If we’re honest we’ve all been faced very very similar shots, if not the same and felt a lull in confidence in one instance then nothing on the other occasion. The clearer our head is the better golfers tend to perform.


Just like the waves in the sea confidence comes and goes in all of us, even that person who we perceive to be really confident!! We all know that and it’s part of the ebb and flow of our human experience.

Invariably the reason club golfers aren’t very good at certain golf shots is that technique is poor and skill is lacking, so primarily physical factors and not between the ears.

But the flip side of the coin is this…. I’ve seen good golfers with sound technique and a high level of skill experience that feeling of low confidence.

Most golfers say that their best rounds just kind of happen, or they come out of the blue and felt effortless. Again, confidence comes and goes and we have no control over it and it certainly isn’t linked to the shot in front of you. What is constant is the shot and the swing we have to do for that shot.

How is your technique and skill level?

For more on this and to find out how you can play better golf shots get in touch. I am really interested in helping anyone with their golf game.

Gavin Clark

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