Maximising how far you hit the golf ball – 3 critical factors

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Nov 10 2017

There is no shortage of articles, tips, books magazines, apps or youtube clips that are telling us how to hit the ball farther or straighter etc……..

Well I’m now going to add to those!!!!! Yep more information !!!!! That’s what we need isn’t it!!!!!

DISCLAIMER – Although the below probably isn’t anything new, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll actually hit the golf ball farther as actually changing what we do in our golf swing is the real secret but that’s boring and who wants to read about that????? Plus I haven’t found a way to put it into words !!! Put it this way would you rather fall in love or read a romance novel? Read the food menu or taste the food on the menu????? If we pile on the information we’ll be better golfers right? WRONG. I’ll say it again, the below probably won’t help you as it hasn’t already has it??? Being able to actually change our swing/ is the real gold here. You have been warned.


So, up first…… Grip

Or hold as I call it. Bored yet? No? Okay carry on reading as it might be new information and what we need is definitely more information ;O)

The way in which we place our hands on the golf club is vital when it comes to distance and efficiency of a golf swing. Most golfers have their hands on the handle like the image below. Gloves being worn out high up in the palm is a sign that your hold is too tight and the handle runs too high through your hand.

wrong grip


2 -Still with us? Wow, well done. As a reward have another piece of information on technique that has to be applied in order to hit it our maximum distance.

Set up – juts checked and this is the 21,987 article written on set up.

Now I cant actually tell you how to set up as most shots are different and require a different set up and you actually want to be adaptive and versatile through and understanding of the shot, the lie, the club you need, club application and more.-BUT that’s not what you want to hear so let go with the hitting a driver as that remains largely the same most of the time and it’s great fun hitting it a long way down the fairway past where you would normally.

The below picture highlights just how high we can tee it up and how far forward the ball position is. From here an ascending angle of attack through impact has to be the intention.


3 – Last one then you can close this article down. Which you can actually do at any point of course . Remember-this info wont help you hit it further because it hasn’t already, as it’s nothing new (I expect). Re-reading the same stuff wont help either. I know this as I see golfers everyday struggling to actually do something different with their swing. Invariably they do the same thing they always have done. The good news with golf is that we only need to be a few degrees different or a couple of cm lower/higher to see a difference. Hooray

Hitting the middle of the club-face;

I’ve seen golfers pick up 15 yards with their irons through simply identifying where on the clubface they hit. I’ve seen golfers pick up 30 yards with their driver too, all through hitting the middle of the club-face more often.

A way to see where you hit on the face is to get some foot-spray and cover the driver face with it, hit a few shots and you’ll see a bias as to where you hit on the face.


So, there you go. 3 ways in which to hit it further. None of which will actually help as actually making these critical factors happen is where the real gold lies ad where you need the support from a coach, and that can’t be learned by reading words :O) Only through doing.

So if you’d like to come along and find out about 1 – the above, and 2 – how to actually make them happen then give me a shout. I’d love to help you.

Gavin Clark

07789 766 872


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