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Nov 21 2017

I thought id share with you some stats from the PGA tour, the elite of the elite. The best of the best.

I’ve shared these with people before and its been eye opening and for them and also it’s changed their expectations and the way they look at not only the game of golf BUT also their own games.


Help no.1

WARNING – It’s helpful to remember that when we watch golf on Sky Sports we are often watching the best golfers in the world who are at the top of the leader-board and playing well. There are 120 other golfers in the field who aren’t playing so well. Sometimes it’s a highlight show too.

PGA tour players miss 50% of their putts from 6-8 foot. These are the most skillful players and are playing on perfect green surfaces with a putter that is ideal for them. We aren’t skillful and play on less than perfect surfaces and often with a putter that can cost us.

PGA tour average on sand saves is less than 50%. Dustin Johnson’s average is 44% . This means 44% of the time he will up and down it from the sand. The bunkers are very often are the same sand , the same depth. R.Birkdale hosted the Open in July this year year and had to spend over ?1,000,000 on their bunkers alone. They’d re-done them 5 years ago too so this is the standard of bunker they are playing out of most the time. Plus they practice these shots too, most golfers don’t.

PGA tour players miss the green 1 out of 3 times, as an average. An 18 hcp will average 4 greens in regulation in a round of golf.

PGA tour golfers have the same difference round to round we find. In the Dubai event last week golfer Hideto Tanihara shot a 77 in Rnd 2 then shot 67 in Rnd 3. That’s 10 shots difference. They are human too and also this is the nature of the game.

So what does all this mean? Well I often find golfers are trying to play a standard of golf that they are not capable of and a lot of the time this is based on what we see on Sky Sports. If we see how the best golfers actually perform i find that golfers have changed their outlook on their game and experience.


Myths in golf;

The below myths are stuff i hear every day and are often also the source of why improvement is lacking with golfers, the story we tell ourselves often gets in the way of the magic happening.

1 – The greens are slow – Nope they are the speed they are. They might be 6 on the stimpmeter and that is slower than 10, but its also quicker than 4 on the stimp. The greens might be slower than last week ….. AND? there quicker than that tuesday in Nov 2016 last year……………………..See the ridiculousness of this all????? Golfers are forever in comparison mode. It highlights how much stuff we talk about and tell ourselves that has zero relevance to NOW .Every putt we face has an appropriate stroke to make given what the shot is asking and if we are thinking about anything other than that performance and outcomes are jeopardised. How you get the ball there is up to you.

2 – “Im not very good at 1/2 shots”. Right this might shock you here but………..there is no such thing as a half shot. ” there is Gav, i hear them say it on sky sports most weeks” .……. well it must be true, sky sports said it. Again this 1/2 shot we hear talked about is a comparison to a longer shot but again what has that got to do with the shot we are faced with right now. Most golfers will agree that this ‘UNICORN’ of a shot we call the 1/2 shot is dependant on the length of back swing. Its only a 1/2 shot compared to a full shot. But that 1/2 shot we are faced with has a swing and where it stops is the end of it and that is a full swing for that length of shot – no comparing going on here. .

Golfers being in comparison mode it really common and has been insightful for many golfers to see through it, as they then find it easier to face the shot in front of them.

I agree that some golfers aren’t very good at 50-80 yard shots as i see their results on them and they aren’t very good. Don’t get me wrong i’m not saying golfers don’t have bad shots from these distances. Often the story we run about them gets in the way of giving ourselves the best and only chance to get better at them and improve.


So if you’d like to hit better golf shots then get in touch,

Gavin Clark


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    Nov 21, 2017 12:00 pm

    Great stuff, an eye opener, puts things in perspective. I am not now as bad as I thought.


      Nov 26, 2017 4:59 pm

      Ha ha, me and you both John.

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