Why you hit the ground first and not the golf ball

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Nov 23 2017

Disclaimer – Reading this article WILL NOT help you hit the ball first when playing golf.

But it might be the start of you being able to make solid contact more than you currently do. This is very possible IF you go about golf in a logical and instinctive way. Something that golfers rarely do as wrongly they have not been given a good go at it by people like myself. But there is another way.

So to answer the statement – why do I hit the ground first and not the golf ball ……. drum roll are you ready………. Answer – because you’re not in control of your swing!!!!!

In other news the surface of the Sun is hot.

” Come on Gav, you’ve got to do better than this tell me why i hit the ground first” ………….Answer no.1 – we can’t find an answer to a physical act (golf swing) that requires a kenesthetic sense (feel) by being told words. Its like telling soemone what falling in love feels like by reading a romance novel. The really daft thing here is i’m going to carry on writing words in spite of what i juts put down, ha ha, but in fairness to me it wont be attached to the original question :O)

Answer no.2 – YOU made a swing that had an outcome where the ground was hit first. Now the really weird thing here is why would make a swing that is never going to hit the ball first or go where we want it to go? But we all do, and we do it far more often than we’d like to.

I like most of you have heard everything you can think of as to what a golfer is applying in order to hit the golf ball first. I heard Padraig Harrington talk about how he explored where the position of his tongue was in his mouth when he makes a swing as to something he was applying!!! The position of his tongue!!!!

Ultimately we all have to find our own way that ensures the ball is hit first and that certainly wont come from the latest you-tube clip, todays golfer mag or a well intended golfing friend . who tell you to keep your head down .

Set up is critical for solid contact. What our attention is on is critical too.

SOME HELP – I’ve found that golfers who experiment trying to hit the ground first INTENTIONALLY actually discover something (what that something is different and unique) that is helpful. A lot of golfers ask me why would hitting the ground first on purpose help us? Well it’s actually doing it intentionally is the secret here. EXPERIENCE. When we hit a heavy shot we don’t know why it happened because we didn’t experience it.

” When is a shank good? When it’s an intentional shank”

This why i stated at the top of the page that reading this wont help you hit the golf ball first. How could it when we have all read or watched every article under the sun and been given the latest ‘tip’ and we still hit the ground first too often. Nothing changes with regards to the regularity at which we hit the golf ball!!!!


My real talent is helping people actually change their swings and will answer what the shot is asking them. Now how does that sound? Good hey. If so give me a shout and we’ll get cracking on giving you the best chance to improve and have a golf game that lasts forever and not just for a hole or few shots.

Gavin Clark, 07789 766 872


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