3 Putting : How to get your putts finishing closer to the hole

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Nov 24 2017

The number one reason golfers 3 putt is poor distance control (more than accuracy). Invariably their 1st putt isn’t close enough when putting from mid to long range. Rarely will golfers consistently go past the hole.

Let’s say we have a putt that is of between 20-30 ft. (If you’re frequently having putts of this that are longer then there is something wrong with your club selection into greens and that needs to be changed) Putts come up short because the stroke that’s put on the golf ball isn’t powerful enough, ultimately through impact…….OBVIOUSLY… i hear you cry.

So two critical factors to control distance are ; (yes there are other factors but let’s just focus on these for now)

1 – Length of back swing and through swing

2 – Speed of the whole stroke

Let’s start with critical factor no.1 Length of stroke – Golfers who have poor distance control will have a back swing that’s too long or too short and it’s inappropriate for the shot. As i don’t know your habits and tendencies with putting and i’m nor am I familiar if your back or through stroke is harming you, so you’re going to have to explore both.

Example no.1 – let’s say a golfer has a back swing that is too long and it’st his that’s harming their distance control – this will encourage a stroke that then slows down into the golf ball and then is too short on their follow through resulting in a putt that will probably come up short. I’ve seen golfers commit to making a longer stroke than normal and their feedback is often ” that felt like it was going to go miles past “. Not surprising this is what they sense especially when their putts come up short.

Critical factor no.2 Speed of stroke;

Example no.1 – Let’s say a back swing is too quick to consistently control, the rest of the stroke will be a compensation for this. Again you might not know what your tendency is so some exploration is required. So without changing your length of stroke, make your back swing slower than normal and see what the golf ball feeds back to you. Then do a stroke with more speed. Have lots of goes trying both and see which controls the ball better. Better being that the golf ball finishes closer to the hole.

For more help on this get in touch. I can greatly speed up the learning process and results as i appreciate we all need some guidance on this.


Gavin Clark, 07789 766 872


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