The no.1 killer cliche that’s harming your golf game

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Nov 26 2017
Most golfers believe and worse still apply that trying to keep their head still when making a swing is important, so they then make this their swing thought.
In short if they stopped trying to keep their head still they’d all stand a chance of playing to their potential and also improving. Imagine that! Actually changing your game.
As a Coach who comes in to contact with lots of golfers, i can tell you now that if you stopped paying so much attention to keeping your head still you’d be ahead of most others.
At this point if you are convinced that keeping your head still IS the reason behind why you hit good shots then keep doing it. I wouldn’t bother reading the below as you are in a serious minority of actually being able to hit good strikes, and good for you. We are all in envy of you :O)
The below 4 comments are all about how much our head moves when we hit a shot. it’s a cliche that is destroying golfers chances of playing their best golf.
I lifted my head “
” I kept my head down”
” I moved my head too much ”
” I stayed still, that was better “
Know this, Henrik Stenson and Annika Sorenstam MOVE their heads more and earlier than most other golfers. Many golfers say they move at impact but the images below show they don’t. It’s post impact they move more than most.

annika henrik


When we hit a good shot most golfers will cling to something that we reckon happened (reckon being the operative word) yet we go to the next shot and apply it again only to miss-hit the shot. As golfers we are at a loss to actually what did happen on a shot, good or bad. It’s this awareness that is critical to understand, in turn this understanding gives us a chance to improve. It’s this potential and subsequent learning that good Coach will facilitate.
Consider this………. I’ve seen golfers hit a bad shot and tell me it was because they’ve lifted their head. Then on the next hole they hit a good shot and tell me it was good because they kept their head still. Yet i could see that their head movement never changed from shot to shot. It’s a coincidence that any golfer hits a good shot when we may or may not have kept our head still. If keeping our head still was the secret then we’d be better by now SURELY?
The next bit is the really important bit of this article, so pay close attention :O)
IMPORTANT BIT – NEWS FLASH – It’s a fact that when you, me, Mcilroy, Spieth or DJ have hit a good shot one of the critical factors that HAS happened (scientific fact not opinion btw) is that IMPACT has been in the ‘ball park’ of acceptable to make the golf ball do what the shot needs. So its a logical thing to start with impact and work back from there. If you know what this should be it will aid set up, technique and your chances of improvement. if you dont comer and see me for a lesson :O)
NEWS FLASH NO.2 – I’ve never seen a golfer hit as good shot with a poor or inappropriate impact position.
Get in touch if improving your technique and skill sounds like something you’d like to do. But if you do want to play better golf please don’t carry on guessing and hoping that what you’re doing is correct. Get in touch with me to help you apply the factors that actually matter to a shot. Golf is a different game when you are doing only what matters.
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