The backwards way in which we attempt to play golf….. PART 1

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Dec 07 2017

Firstly i want everyone to watch this clip below. Solely to remind ourselves how amazing we as human beings are. The piece of skill at 1;19 blows my mind.

Remember people are awesome…….. don’t forget that okay, It’s very important. The video highlights this. We are steeped in mediocrity and we don’t really know it.

The main point about this article was I wanted to highlight how backwards and difficult golf has been made (by people like me, PGA members and others too) so we can be more sympathetic to ourselves and the state of our golf games.

Lets un-plug ourselves from golf here for a moment because we all have conditioned thinking around the subject and the magic wont ‘get through’ beyond all that golf stuff we constantly apply in the HOPE we hit a good shot or have a good round.

Instead imagine an Alien comes to you and asks “can you tell me what a banana tastes like?”

It’s official Gavin has lost it, he’s talking about aliens & fruit in a golf article.

After we’d come to terms that aliens exist, I think we’d all agree that we’d say ” ummmm, well would you just like to try it ” . You can’t explain what a banana tastes like other than ” it tastes like a banana” . It has to be eaten/experienced.

I was at a Driving Range the other day and gentleman was hitting balls in the bay. A female was sat at the back of the bay reading a book and after about 30 minutes she said ” Can i have a go? “……….. then armageddon happened. The gentleman un-leashed a sea of advice, how-to information, put your feet here, hold it like this, keep your head still ,swing slow and on and on it went. The laugh out loud moment came when she didn’t even get to hit a golf ball, simply saying she said ” oh my god Gary, really, i can’t be fu##ed now” .

I know what you’re thinking, lets hope Gary doesn’t meet the Alien (representing mankind) and tell him how the banana tastes!!!!

Where does this leave us? Well apart from steering clear of Gary for golf advice, in order for our golf games to improve and develop, we have to experience what is going on.

How do we do that? How can we possibly go about long lasting change in our golf games that sees us making different and better golf swings so that the golf ball does what the shot is asking us???????

Well if you’d like to know and hear more on all of this please email me asking for PART 2. That’s all you have to do. Simple hey.

I’m only interested in sharing this kind of stuff with golfers who want to get better and are really serious about learning and improvement. I am fascinated on this subject and if you are too then please get in touch as i can help you explore your way to a better golf game.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Gavin Clark

07789 766 872




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