Making the golf swing you know you want to do

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Dec 18 2017

A golf lesson for ?10????? Sounds great Gav, where do i sign.

‘Hold your horses’ their golfer. Firstly i’m gonna be honest, I am launching a new coaching programme in 2018 which in short will help you play better golf. Great so far hey. The programme is :-

Making the golf swing you know you want to do!!!

The ?10 golf lessons are all about me giving you a glimpse of whats possible in a hour long lesson. See what you think after that.

Tues 19th Dec at 10am-11am
Tues 2nd Jan at 10am-11am
Thur 4th Jan at 10am-11am OR 1pm-3pm
Maximum of x8 people in a group

You’ll leave the session with a better way to play golf, a better way to approach each shot, a shift in core knowledge and beliefs and a chance to take me up coaching programmes i have designed around you – MAKING THE GOLF SWING YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO DO

To sign up please get in touch via email – Or mobile 07789 766 872

I look forward to hearing from you


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