What part of your game would you like to learn to change forever…. GUARANTEED!!!!

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Feb 02 2018

And how much would you pay is also what i’d like to know. A golfer said to me the other day that they’d pay a grand to hit it 40 yards more and past their playing partners. So he has taken up my offer to him of being able to do this.

If you could learn and change one area of your golf game what would that be? The common answers are hit it farther, putt like Spieth, hit a draw or never hit a heel shank again.

And how much would you be willing to pay for it.

We all have our own areas we’d like to learn and change.

The common way for golfers to have lessons is the usual pay for 5 get one lesson free. Or even just the solitary lesson in the hope the Pro will tell them the secret, sprinkle some magic dust and they’ll be fixed!


The thing is have no idea how long it will take somebody to learn something, lets say hit 40 yards farther. There are a few things I need to know before i could guarantee them this. Which i have done before and the pupil and i have succeeded. it might take a year it might take 6 months it might take a month. Who cares right, the most important thing is you get what you most desire from your golf game.

Yes, some golfers have come to me and asked to be able to do a particular thing, and after two lessons i felt it wasn’t possible (they too would have paid me over a ?1000 to be able to do it) given their physical condition, their reluctance to train, not buy some new clubs and also not let go of what they thought was important so they couldn’t apply what is critical.


The great news is that i’ve had golfers along in a lesson and INSTANTLY get what they want. I’ve had a serial heel shanker hit the middle of the club-face on the very next shot and the ball went 30 yards farther too. I’m not exaggerating. Did they never shank again? Yes on the very next shot, but the point here is that you can change it instantly but how long does it take to have it engrained is where the training comes in and the quality of the training is critical.

So what part of your game would you like to learn to change forever…. GUARANTEED!!!! get in touch… it’s all guaranteed and if we don’t deliver you get your money back.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Gavin Clark

07789 766 872



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