Why MORE information isn’t likely to help your golf game

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Feb 08 2018

We all know the sheer volume of how many books, apps and youtube clips are out there on the subject of helping our golf games.

They are everywhere and if we’re honest most of us aren’t getting any better. 60 million golfers !!! The average hcp hasn’t come down in 40 years.

Every lesson at some point will say ” i know what to do…… but i don’t do it”.

So here’s the thing. Unless you actually are in control of your golf swing nothing will change. Obvious right? But most golfers aren’t and even less are guided towards being able to control their swing.

Example – A lesson came along the other day and they have been hitting a BIG high slice for years. Before they started hitting golf balls they explained to me what should be happening with their swing in order to hit the golf ball straight. They were totally correct on what they had to do. Faultless in fact. Yet the swing they then produced was very different and it produced a big high slice. Its weird isn’t it….. we know what to do only we make a golf swing that is nothing like what we intended.

Very little is done to help golfers heighten awareness in their golf swing. It’s this awareness that will give us a the best chance to make the golf swing that many of us know we want to do (If a golfer doesn’t know the swing then this core-knowledge has to be learnt).

Back to the lesson, the lesson came along and was honest enough to say they had no idea as to where their awareness was on in their swing. When their attention was brought back to their swing and what, if anything, they noticed they started to produce better outcomes and hit the ball straighter and even with a bit of a draw!!!!

We all make lots of golf swings yet we most golfers don’t experience it.

So if you find that your golf game never changes and the same old bad shots show up then give me a shout and come along and see what lots of golfers are getting from spending a lesson with me….. To hit good shots and KNOW they have a chance to hit it again. Most golfers are playing between hope and fear. Remember it’s not always more information that golfers need it’s experiencing their golf swings.

I look forward to hearing from you

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