Play better golf 2018/2019

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Oct 15 2018

Thanks for clicking the link :O)

You’re obviously excited or curious about improving your golf game. Me too. I would love to help you to chip it closer, or hole more putts, or take fewer shots in a medal. Or perhaps you like the sound of making your practice sessions more successful so that when you go on the golf course you see a difference to your golf game and scores. This is what a couple of gofers did and have gained after i approached them asking them if it was something they;d like ( silly question i know )

So have you got a goal? Maybe it’s one of the suggestions I’ve included above or perhaps you have a different goal you’d like to attain.

So i have a few offers for you;

1 –  3 month package – One lesson per month. Payable each month by DD, (no payment upfront)

2 – 6 month package – One lesson per month. Payable each month by DD (no payment upfront)

3 – Just a single lesson. “I don’t want a bunch of lessons Gav, just a x1hr session will be fine”

Whatever works for you then great, give me a shout and we’ll do that. Give me a call and we can chat about your golf game and what you’d like to be able to do.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Gavin – 07789 766 872 or email



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